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Ickoo – We, The Enemy

With his own unique brand of hectic noise electronica, Ickoo’s We, The Enemy is a glitched out slice of noisy fun.

Ickoo - We The Enemy‘With The City Asleep’ takes a seemingly simple breakbeat and unleashes all matter of chopped up, treated sounds over it. What makes for fascinating listening is the blending of breakbeats and glitch, with the warmth of natural drums. The track heaves, stutters, and stumbles, lurching forward like an electronic zombie in pursuit of circuitry rather than brains. ‘Noncompliant_ The Kelly Thomas Murder’ continues with Ickoo’s distinctive aesthetic, dropping in hints of Atari Teenage Riot’s digital hardcore stylings, while ‘Unfertilized Eggs’ plays with screeching, high frequencies that at the start of the track threaten to assault the eardrums. As those tones retreat, the breakbeat bashes its way forward relentlessly, crumbling slightly at the edges, all the while a hip bassline rumbles along. It’s on careful deconstruction that the influences become more apparent – for all the noise and anarchy, there’s a pop sensibility to be found under it all that finds its roots in drum and bass. ‘Alumptuious’ queues up its chopped up glitches to create the impression of a production line of tiny robotic minions all working together to build some kind of terrifying super computer hell bent on overturning the human race. Check this out if you dare.

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