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IIOIOIOII – Brimstone

Kicking off with ‘Face Them All’, IIOIOIOII’s (AKA Christopher Gurney) sound is spiky and luminous, straddling somewhere between the luscious melancholy of Joy Division and Tears For Fears, and the cutting edge electronica of Chvrches.

IIOIOIOII_PostBrimstone_RGBAs an opening track, it sets the tone very well, with nods to Phoenix in the way that electronica is blended with an indie pop sensibility. ‘We Are The One’ swirls and throbs with its dark synth wash, emotional and serious in its delivery, while ‘Second Chance’ moves into a more droney territory with its flittering notes in the background, atop a solid and dark synth undertone. There is a healthy dose of old school here, not unlike New Order, and the kind of music that acts as a breath of fresh air when we are so often bombarded by the repetition of bubblegum pop, guitar bands, and half baked hip hop IIOIOIOII might give the impression that things are being taken seriously, that doesn’t detract from the music’s enjoyability. The Brimstone EP isn’t without its more forgettable moments – ‘One Moment’ struggles to make a truly lasting impact, but final track ‘Until There’s Nothing Left Of Us’ puts some more acoustic instrumentation to good use, with piano and strings creating a melody that showcases Christopher Gurney’s songwriting abilities when all the other production is stripped away.

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