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Illumenium – Towards Endless 8

Estonian indie rockers Illumenium deliver dark and moody vocals served up with creative instrumentation on their album Towards Endless 8.

0004085375_10Opening with ‘For My Old Friend’, the album immediately shows that it’s going to be a rich mix of genres. The track begins soft and swirling, with a gritty grunge vocal that comes into play. Before too long we are suddenly confronted with an all out screamo chorus, with guitar shredding to boot. The album certainly maintains a sense of consistency throughout – the mysterious synth tones help to act as a glue through the songs. The guitar work is also engaging, with some great riffs to be found – notably on La Bruja with its fierceness that perfectly matches up to the severity of the screams delivered with a leaning towards the treble end and add a sense of shock and excitement. Despite the delicious heaviness, there are moments where light and beauty really shines through – ‘Hotel Breakers’ features some delicate moments that take a gently guitar part which is then woven back into the chaos that Illumenium deliver so deftly. There’s a feeling throughout the album that classic grunge styles collide with a modern emo feel, which is clear on the album’s title track with its chorus laden guitars alongside the brutal drums and emotive vocals. Unusual, creative, and bone crunching stuff.


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