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In The Whale – Nate


Positively exploding back on the scene with their third EP Nate, In The Whale is a high-octane set of indie rock that will blow you away.

With vocals that show hints of Jet’s ‘Do You Wanna Be My Girl’, opening track ‘Robert Johnson’ is a relentlessly pummelling piece of music, filled with raw aggression and emotive performances from the strong instrumentation.

‘Wedding Bells’ starts off sounding like a cross between the Kings of Leon and the White Stripes, with a slight square dance edge to it. The ‘Make ’em ring, ring, ring, make ’em sing’ refrain is a total hoot, leading towards the final yell of “So help me God,” with its final blues lick to end.

In The Whale’s influences appear to be broad, with ‘Lake Of Fire’ sounding like it could sit easily on a Hives album. It’s hectic, at points almost cracking at the edges, and is the kind of track to put on when you need a quick thrill.

‘Grandpa Pete’ comes as something of a shock, with its threateningly dark intro and guttural metal vocals on the chorus. Stylistically it feels very different to the rest of the EP, but at the same time it also feels like a band being honest about where they have come from and what influences have brought them to this point.

Fresh sounding, energetic, and filled with hooks, In The Whale’s Nate is well worth checking out for some good ol’ indie rock.

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