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Influential – Soul Searching

Kicking off with its deliciously pitch shifted vocal sample, ‘See You Smile’ opens Soul Searching confidently.

influential soul searchingThe beats are big and Influential’s flow is clear cut. with the production lacing the previously mentioned vocal samples into the mix, glimmering like gems embedded in the track’s very being. ‘Gone’ keeps going in the same direction, this time employing some vintage tones that create a Motown vibe. It’s smooth, lounge like, and broad in its sonic range, creating a wide vista of celebratory sound. ‘It’s Love’ holds on to the vintage tone, with an airy shuffle that keeps the track rolling along, while ‘Hard’ goes all out with its soul samples and sexy tone. By the mid point, it becomes clearer of the sense of fun that runs through the record – despite the seriousness of the rapping itself, it doesn’t come across as actually talking itself too seriously. ‘My Respect’ brings a little funk into the picture, in a way that seriously bounces with bass, while ‘Past’ sounds like a collision between 70s soul and up to the minute hip hop cool. Influential draws to a close with ‘Classy’, a hyped up number that feels as though it is calling everyone down to the dance floor for one big celebration.

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