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Interview – Cirex

We ran a few questions past experimental musician Cirex, to find out a bit more about who he is and what makes him tick…

cirex_jan_promoHow did you get into the music business?

As most things we enjoy in life, as a hobby on my teenager years, I was on several bands, but it wasn’t until 2004 that we make a small record deal with a band I was, Neuttro. I learned how to record in a studio, manage to play large audience, booking. In that band that I was the bass player is how I enter to the music business. Then 2009, when I started my own solo project ‘Cirex’ I already had all that knowledge which I am very thankful for.

What is your proudest moment so far?

Has been a couple of ones, but being in Cirex, small fraction of seconds of my music appear on the first ‘Taken’ film.

Can you tell us an unusual fact about you?

Right now I am in college finishing another BA, I am also a graphic designer and I play bass almost every Sunday on a local Church.

How do you approach your Christian faith as an alternative industrial artist?

My intention with my music is just make music, there is no message. I try harder to keep ‘Cirex’ outside of my personal faith. If we listened to an instrument is pretty hard to identify your message, furthermore, your faith. I believe in God, is no secret at all. My music is just an expression of a combustion of sounds.

What are you doing next, and how can we find out more about what you are up to?

I try to get Cirex “live”. It’s pretty hard, people usually think I am a DJ what is not, I am a musician who knows how to make programmed music. So, I am figuring out how to bring Cirex live, and not a performance of “hey, come and listen to my laptop”. I want to do something very well done. My plan in 2015 is to make at least two live shows. Then I am moving Cirex back to FL, and see what happens there, because in 2010 I received good support the year I was living there.

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