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Interview – Fathom Blue

We caught up with cross country collective Fathom Blue to find out a bit more about what they’ve been up to and what’s happening next.

For the benefit of anyone who’s been living under a rock for the last ten years…who on earth are you? 10668712_450309595109176_3861414803282459879_o

Mike: Fathom Blue isn’t your typical “band”… we are a cross-country artist collective on a mission. We formed in Chicagoland in Northwest Indiana in 2012 and have been shredding up musical territory across the US since.

How did you get started in making music, and what keeps you going on? 

Rocky: Hmm, well I first got introduced to music at a young age. Too far back to remember. What I do remember is how much I enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson. The music caught my ear and I remember just listening to all his albums over and over. I think I was around 5 or 6 when that started to happen. Fast forward to Junior high, my cousin invited me to a show he was playing at a local church. He was the front man to a heavy metal rap rock band named Dedlock. To my surprise when I arrived I found out they were the headliners that night. When they finally came on the room packed in a matter of seconds. Body to body people crowded around to hear my cousin. I’ll never forget what I seen when they started playing. Everyone jumping throwing their hands in unison. I was in the back standing on a chair looking at the crowd and I just knew; this is what I want. This spark just ignited and ever since then my passion for music grew and is overflowing out of my ears man! My passion now isn’t so much to perform for an audience and to get famous. My passion is just to be able to truly express myself and feelings through my music. If that helps someone out through a rough time then awesome, extra points! Haha! 

Christian: We created this music because we realized that our outward expression of our souls and our true hearts honestly inspire people. I recently spoke to one of my best friends who lost his father a couple years ago and he explained that he cannot express his feelings the way he used to because death demands fear, thus he has given death his creativity and his voice. This is the reason we continue through hardships and trials. Because, death demands respect but Life demands our existence and life demands our example.

Mike: I actually started playing drums around 8 years old. My mom, Sandra, is a piano playing, honkey tonk singing woman and she made music a huge part of my life. From an early age, I would follow her to local cable access performances and church performances. I ended up drumming in four punk bands as a teen, and then eventually learned the guitar on accident while watching their hands for the changes. I can’t imagine not doing music now. 

What have been the most significant moments for the band so far? 

Mike: I think standing up in front of a couple thousand Colombians and listening to many of them sing our single, “Flashes of Light” the first night I was in Latin America was a huge moment. It was a lifetime goal to go overseas to play, and an added bonus that some of them knew the song. Playing The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn was another huge milestone. I grew up following the NYC scene, and many of my musical heroes played that venue. I have a carpet that I take to every show and perform on. I like to think it’s filled with the dust of all these legendary venues. I jokingly ask the guys to make sure I’m rolled up and buried in that rug. Haha 

Rocky: Im still pretty new in the band. Been with Fathom for about a little over a year now so I still have yet to top any of these shows. They have done some pretty memorable gigs in the past like House of blues, Congress theater, Hard Rock Cafe, and Knitting factory in NYC. Another significant moment I would say is the process we are going through right now. We are completely tearing down the walls of old Fathom Blue and rebuilding! Artists from all over the nation are collaborating with us to make the ultimate record. I’m telling you this is something different you never heard before! 

Christian: The moment we realized that playing music can be used as a vehicle to help the hungry and the hopeless. Going to Columbia was huge for us to gain perspective and to receive inspiration from families who will spend their last dollar buying hope over eating for the day. 

1655426_450309455109190_5991784219905997793_oWho would you say are your biggest influences, and what tunes are you digging right now? 

Rocky: My biggest influences are Michael Jackson, My cousin, and Muse. That’s my signal chain. Michael Jackson opened my ears and showed me true music. My cousin opened my curiosity and passion to play music. Muse exploded my mind with the intricately complicated space rock they play. They taught me HOW to play music. Right now I’m on this random kick with indie artists. I’m listening a lot to artists like Hrvrd, The Growlers, PM Today, As tall as lions. 

Christian: I draw influence from anything that inspires me. Loving Blue Rising right now. 

Mike: Actually, Lights Over Bridgeport is an influence for me. I remember hearing John Hamlin play in Open D tuning thinking, “that sounds so incredible.” That tuning has become the essence of the “Fathom Blue sound” Thanks, Johnny! 

What do you have coming up next for us to keep an eye out for? 

Mike: We are working on a cross-country collaboration to create our second full length album. While I think the real heart and soul of Fathom Blue is in these songs, we are also cutting some new territory. I’ve pulled the lid off and gotten into the digital realm, and the results are insane. We’re looking for a Summer release, and it couldn’t come any sooner! It’s a good thing when you make music you actually want to listen to. Haha 

Rocky: Definitely check out the upcoming album. I try to listen to as much music that’s hot as I possibly can and let me tell you our next album is nothing you have heard before! I must sound like every cliche artist. But the only way to find out any truth to what I’m telling you is to find out for yourself!


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