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Interview – Flower Girl

0003693502_10How did Flower Girl get started?

John: Flower Girl grew organically out of a former band three of our members were in,(John and Bill on guitar, Rick playing bass.) A more straight ahead heavy rock band with vocals.

Rick: We were very much a Stooges kind of rock band, nothing like Flower Girl at all.

John: We started experimenting with long unstructured improvisations that eventually morphed into actual songs. To these songs we then added new elements and extended them with even more improvisations (I hate to use the word “jams”). Hence, our songs are structured to such a degree that they are never played the same way twice.

Rick: Over time, larger and larger chunks of practice time were dedicated to playing this way until the old band didn’t exist any more. Bill brought Mike in one day to play drums and he never left. That was Summer/Fall 2004. It’s been Flower Girl been ever since.

What are your main influences and which albums have shaped your sound?

Rick: I think it’s different for all of us as far as individual influences go, but as a band we draw deeply from the psych well. The old as well as the new. You’re just as likely to hear Grateful Dead influences as you are to hear the Black Angels or Deerhunter.

John: The whole cosmic chain of heavy/acid/ psych/space bands: Hawkwind, Amon Duul, Sabbath, Stooges, Spacemen 3, Monster Magnet, AMT, High Rise, Mainliner, The Dead, BJM, Warlocks. Circle. The list could go on and on. Also elements from other genres like pop music, Indian classical music, free jazz, prog rock.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

John: Being selected Good Will Cultural Ambassadors by the United Nations in 2009, which enabled us to deliver our unique brand of psych rock to deprived populations around the globe. Also our new release Vol. VI.

Rick: That or Mike completing the seven shamanic levels of consciousness. No small task there, but he’s a gamer. A good review also makes my day.

What is the band going to be working on next?

John: Volume 7 of course, hopefully out next year. Maybe some deeper space explorations, more sitar, electronics, woodwinds. Also more heavy freak-out guitar stuff!!

Rick: New songs. We have a lot of those in various stages of completion. Also a video or two. The video for ERF – 2017 will be finished soon and then we’ll be doing one for One of the Joes. And yes, Volume 7 and hopefully 8,9, and 10 on and on and on.

How can we keep tabs on what you guys are up to?

John: Check Bandcamp or Facebook for new releases. Email us, write to us, call Billy on his new phone or if your in Philly stop by the cookie factory and ask for Mikey “Moon”, our esteemed drummer, he just might give you the low down in person.

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