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Interview – Jared Wesley

How did you get started in music?
I got started in music as a producer and engineer, then one day I wanted to try rapping because I thought it would be fun and I loved it so I continued to do it and got really good at it.

Who has influenced you the most in your style?
954790_723550117738464_3727161911027815899_nI would have to say it’s a combination of four artist Jay-Z’s use double entendres, Big L’s flow speed / double time flow, MF Doom’s Left field lyrical approach and Andre 3000’s creativity

What is your proudest achievement so far?
My proudest achievement’s so far is firstly when my second mixtape The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 2 gained enough recognition to be in a headline article in HipHopDX next to Chief Keef’s, Jeremiah’s and Freeway’s new release and secondly being invited to perform at the biggest venues in Atlanta and being invited to perform in festivals from North Carolina to California.

What do you have coming up next?
I’m releasing my new project called 3 (EP) sometime in mid 2015

How can we check out more of your work?







Business / Inquiries email: thejaredwesley@gmail.com

Origin: Jared Wesley was born in Valdosta, Ga & raised in Atlanta, Ga

Debut Mixtape: The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 1
Mixtape Link: datpiff.com/Jared-Wesley-The-Reinvention-of-The-Cool-Vol-1-mixtape.500952.html

Second Mixtape: The Reinvention of “The Cool” Vol. 2
Mixtape Link: datpiff.com/Jared-Wesley-The-Reinvention-of-The-Cool-Vol-2-mixtape.595221.html

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