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Interview – Jiggley Jones

We ran a few questions past acoustic americana singer songwriter Jiggley Jones, to get to know him a little better.

Jiggley_Jones_live_at_ellasWhat is your life’s work ?

Well, I’m a parent so I would consider my life’s work from here on out to be the raising of my children to the best of my abilities. If we’re talking musically, then I would say that my life’s work would be to create the kind of music that people will remember.

Are there any interesting facts about you that hardly anyone else knows?

When I’m not involved as much with my musical endeavors I consider myself to be quite the history buff. My main focus has always been the American Civil War. I have a large collection of books on the subject and have traveled from Pennsylvania to Virginia to Tennessee in search of battlefields.

Looking back, what have been the most important moments in your life so far?

Obviously the birth of each one of my three kids. On a lesser note I have a few memories from my high school sports days, being involved in baseball through a year of college and some football early on. Musically, I’ve had a lot of great moments over the years with hopefully more to come.

Who are your heroes? Why do they rock your world?

I’m not sure that I have specific heroes. Anyone involved in helping their fellow man would be someone that I look up to. Of course I always had my favorites when it came to sports and music but I don’t know if they would be considered heroes to me. Titles like that should be saved for only those rare people that stand out throughout history such as Abe Lincoln, etc…

What do you have coming up next, and how can we stay up to date with what you are up to?

2015 looks to be a year of live performances and promotional type things for my latest release, “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light.” In the meantime I will be writing and preparing for what I hope is a full length album to be released in early 2016. If you want to keep up with me just go to www.jiggleyjones.com.

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