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Interview – Lore City

We ran a few questions by Eric and Laura from Lore City to get to know them a little better…

7ae0lGGNfcVzxHZ0LbJCpmaOkz4klc9yi4dOTEGWKjATell us a bit about Lore City and what makes you tick

The band name, Lore City, pays homage to the theme of tale types. Throughout our lives we knowingly (or unknowingly) embody and replay the roles of characters that have existed long before us—we’re all enacting the same stories over and over again. These themes also drive the messages in our music. The larger mystery, of course, is what keeps us all going? And why always in the same patterns?

How did you get started making music, and what drives you to keep going?

We both got started in high school. Eric was in a ska band (hey, it was the mid–90s), and Laura was ferociously scribbling the beginnings of song lyrics and strumming two chords on a janky acoustic guitar. For both of us, getting into music stemmed from a complete love for music. We both agree that no other art form moves us more than sound; there’s nothing better than holding that power in your own hands.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

By far our proudest achievement is our second album, Kill Your Dreams. Our first album was just the beginning of exploring our collaborative sound, and it became a document of the initial songs we wrote together. When it came time for a second album, we knew ourselves so much more. There was confidence, risk-taking, and in the end, we are so proud of the album. It really expresses all of those ideas that drive us to make music in the first place. We feel like it really says what we want it to say.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

If we could collaborate with anyone, it would definitely be the Master Musicians of Bukkake. Now that we’re in the Pacific Northwest, we had the opportunity to see them live in Seattle, and it literally put us into a trance. They are the whole package—not just a band, but also a performance group complete with conceptual costumes and choreographed movements. We’d love to incorporate all of those elements into our performances one day, and beyond that, we’d love to play with these guys.

What albums have had the biggest influence on your sound?

For Laura, definitive albums include Scout Niblett’s The Calcination of Scout Niblett, PJ Harvey’s To Bring You My Love, Pink Floyd’s Animals, and Radiohead’s The Bends. All of these albums really highlight the soundscapes and themes that have largely informed the way she crafts her own songs.

For Eric, definitive albums include Falling Forward’s Hand Me Down, The Iceburn Collective’s Meditavolutions, Swans’ Love of Life, and the James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk collaboration The Watchers. These albums evoke memory, nostalgia, and most importantly, act as sources of inspiration.

If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Performing outdoors at night has always appealed to us. The night sky can make you feel like you exist in more than one place at once. Outdoor space is like one enormous room, and night air seems somehow more important, even ceremonial. When we’ve heard sound at night from a distance, we’re compelled to draw in closer — we know we’re not alone in this experience. Right now, we’re just really excited to establish ourselves here in the Pacific Northwest, where so many bands that have inspired us are currently playing. We’re very excited to do shows in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles in the near future…maybe outside…at night?

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is patience. When you start a creative project, it’s often years before the rest of the world catches on; meanwhile life throws many things at you that can derail even the best of efforts. It’s a challenge to stay motivated when times get tough, yet adversity just makes you cherish the helping hands even more. When it comes down to it, we both love doing the band, so no matter what, we’ll keep plugging away because music is our true calling. You never let go of something like that.

What do you have coming up next?

Next we are looking to rent a little house outside Portland or Seattle, where we can get down to business with some new songs. We had an at-home studio when we wrote our first album—the accessibility of being able to work anytime allows us move faster. So far we have three new songs, but we’re not sure yet if they’ll be part an EP or another LP. Also, Laura recently launched a jewelry company, The Hour of Sight, the name taken from a lyric. She’s aiming to branch out from an online store by wholesaling to boutiques and working the craft fair circuit.

How can we keep up to date with what you are up to?

You can keep up to date with us three ways: by liking us on Facebook, joining our mailing list on our website, lorecitymusic.com, and checking in with our Bandcamp page, where we always list upcoming shows. Or just send up a smoke signal, we’re often looking up at the sky anyways.

Just for fun – what’s in your pockets right now?

Dang, well Laura’s pockets are empty. Blame it on sending one too many lip balms through the wash. Eric has his resident, vegan wallet and lucky guitar pick.

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