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Interview – Raving Wild

Raving Wild is a singer songwriter based in the UK, and we ran through a few questions to get better acquainted…

CROSSRADAR: How did you get started in music, and what drives you to continue?

Underbelly1RAVING WILD: I started playing guitar at age 11 when my brother Zeke encouraged me to get something practical with a voucher I received as a Christmas present. I can’t seem to put one down now, I’ve never enjoyed something so much! As for why I continue? Simply for the love of it. It’s made infinitely easier by the fact that there’s such a great support network for unsigned musicians these days.

CR: What have been the biggest highlights in your music journey?

RW: Without a doubt one of my favourite milestones in this musical adventure would be playing at Pinewood Studios, it’s perhaps one of the most utopian places I’ve ever had the privilege of attending. Dreamchaser Entertainment were kind enough to invite me to play which was very kind of them. I also played along the coast of Spain with a friend of mine called Aaron who is a superb musician in his own rights, that was quite an adventure.

CR: What has been your biggest challenge…and how did you overcome it?

RW: My biggest challenge was building an audience to a significant level. It’s exceptionally hard for unsigned musicians these days as everyone’s competing for the attention of listeners and I’ve found the general level of musicianship has increased tenfold since, let’s say, ten years ago. It’s all about working together however and with the help of my very talented friends I’ve been capable of putting music shows on that are genuinely worth seeing. People want original music, but it has to be awesome original music, that’s the dividing line between success and failure.

CR: Who are your heroes?

GrahamEPRW: My heroes are a band called Thrice with their ever evolving musical styles. They’ve got brains AND brawn, as far as I’m concerned they’re pretty much in the musical pantheon. Also Erik Mongrain, he’s by far the best percussive guitarist that’s ever graced the planet, his technique is nothing short of genius. I was also lucky enough to meet Adam Lee, he’s not only a gentleman but a sterling example of what every guitarist should ever wish to be, innovative and gifted.

CR: What do you have coming up next, and where can everyone listening to this interview keep up with your adventures?

RW: There are wheels in motion for 2015, alongside being chosen as a soundtrack for two films called ‘Despondent’ and ‘I Had Fun’ I’m really excited to say that I’ll be making an appearance for the third season of the hit web series Bloomers! Matt Palazzolo, the writer and actor for the series, has placed emphasis on the use of new music being used throughout the new series to assist with the plot flow and character decisions. It brings me unbelievable amounts of joy to say that a single of mine titled ‘Winterheart’ has helped him to make a plot decision for his character Brooke so there will be parallels drawn there. If it’s anything like the first two seasons it’ll be viewing gold! You can check them out here on youtube.com/bloomerstheseries

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