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Ish Sankara – Eddie Murphy

Born in Burkina Faso and raised in Miami, Ish Sankara offers a special blend of African sounds with all american sensibilities.

Ish SankaraViolently mashing together the ethic sounds of drum led world music with up to the minute deep house sensibilities, Ish Sankara’s ‘Eddie Murphy’ is a knowing and gloriously unsubtle four minutes of beats interlaced with a heavily autotuned and harmonic vocal. This is music that will most likely polarise most music listeners; it’s not going to work for fans of indie rock or even sugar sweet pop, but for those who prefer to wade into the depths of dancehall and afro beat, then this is going to start ticking boxes from the first few bars. The tension between African and American ideals is palpable on the track, evident in the lyrics just as much as in the song’s production and instrumentation. There is a balance between the brashness of the music and the subtlety of the message beneath the sound – in his own words:

“Because the track sounds smooth and upbeat … the message is a bit harder to notice right away.”

He’s not wrong, and as such he has carved out his own niche for his listener to dig around in for deeper investigation.

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