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itsDICE – What It Is


Coming in at under two minutes long, ‘What It Is’ is a brief snapshot of hip-hop in which itsDICE quickly gets through the thoughts he has to share.

The rap itself lasts a fleeting one minute, once the intro and outro have played through. And herein lies the challenge of writing on short singles. When the track comes and goes in a short space of time it makes one question the way the days come and go in quick succession, often without much notice. As itsDICE says himself,

“Think of things and what they mean / Still trying to get it right / Up until the sun comes up / When the day takes over night.”

The tone and flow is easy going, slacker in feel and unassuming. It might take a few listens to take in what itsDICE is getting at, and that’s no problem, as a few repeats will only bump the runtime up to your average track length, so go for it.

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