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IVE – Hey You (Hey Ti)

‘Hey You’ is a perfect three minutes of euro pop, fully of summery feelings and a positive outlook.

PrintRecorded by Paolo Scarpino and Antonio Notaro in Italy at Renilin’s Studios, the song is to be released in┬áBulgaria and in Italy, with another version in English to follow. ‘Hey You’ is packed full with good vibes – the accompanying video certainly underlines the sense of reaching out to others and the difference it makes to offer a smile when you meet someone. There is certainly no getting away from the euro pop elements that run through the song, from the rhythmic synth arpeggio to the soft tones that are present throughout, there is a hint of nineties M-People and other classic handbag tracks from the other side of the millennium. What makes the song so accessible is its purity and innocence, while a short moment where the song goes to a middle eight offers some time for reflection with more thoughtful tones. This is the kind of song to add to your euro playlist this summer whenever you need some cheering up.

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