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J.P. Kallio – The Call

J.P. Kallio is back with his unique blend of country folk, and it’s just as inspiring as ever.

4thcoveridea-560x555Opening with ‘Call Off The Angels’, The Call sets things off with a delicate feel, with Kallio’s vocal every so slightly cracking at times, bringing with it a deep sense of emotion. ‘On His Way To Hell’ brings a more fierce feeling, with the music more up front and personal. There is a grittiness to the track that matches the vocal well, and makes for some grooving drive time music. There are moments of beauty to be found as well – check out the deep cavernous echo on ‘Take Me As I Am’, a stripped back piece of folk that manages to create a huge sense of space, while title track ‘The Call’ is all about the rolling acoustic guitars and delicate vocals. There are some moments of calm found throughout – tracks like ‘No Safe Bets’ and ‘You and I’ could potentially be labelled as filler, but here they feel more like that moment during a gig when the artist gives the band a break and plays a few more intimate tunes. As usual with J.P. Kallio’s work, there is a real range of tone in the guitar work – ‘Watch The Rain’ lets the steel strings really right out, ‘Drowning Man’ goes for some full on fireplace warmth, and ‘Fight’ makes things sound as snappy as you can get. By the time The Call begins to draw to its end with closing tracks ‘Just Friends’ and ‘What Are We To Do’, there’s a real sense of being performed to with confidence by a true master of his craft.

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