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J.P.Kallio – Read Between The Lines


J.P. Kallio hails from Finland and makes folk music in Ireland. His latest album Read Between The Lines is a celtic infused collection of modern folk to warm the soul.

Opening with ‘Apple’, Kallio’s style and tone is immediately established, with his distinctively tuned guitar and vocal style that leans towards a kind of americana. The vocals on Read Between The Lines show clear signs of being influenced by his time in Ireland, with a clear lilt to them that comes across on tracks like the understated ‘Soldier Boy’ and the delicate ‘It’s OK’.

‘Back Home’ makes good use of the celtic influences, and the DADGAD tuning of the guitars adds an emo edge to it, much like you might expect of an acoustic track from bands like Talking Back Sunday or Jimmy Eat World, while ‘One More Day’ adds some snap and funk to the construction, with the vocals moving more towards a gravelly southern rock tone.

There’s a freshness to the album too, as seen on ‘Hey Barman’ where things are kept simple with a straight guitar and voice that make for the idea pub anthem, while title track ‘Read Between The Lines’ makes good use of jangly trebly elements to lift the music into a thoughtful, philosophical place.

The album closes with ‘Side By Side’, a rich track full of depth and tone that leads things to a close with a sense of melancholy, and by the end it becomes apparrent that that emotional tone has in fact been running right through ‘Read Between The Lines’, but it’s only by the end that all the threads are drawn together to show where it’s all been leading to.

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