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J.P. Kallio – Tell My Darling

J.P. Kallio is back and better than ever with his third full length album, Tell My Darling.

J P Kallio - Tell My DarlingFrom the opening ‘Sunny Summers Day’ and ‘City Lights’, Kallio’s tone comes across as warm and well rounded, showing evidence of how his songwriting has already grown and matured. The Irish/Celtic tinges are still there, adding depth throughout, which helps broaden the sound on tracks like ‘Judge’ which in many ways could easily be a Green Day acoustic track (think ‘Good Riddance’). The Celtic flavour carries the track along in a way that gives it the room it needs to stand up on its own. There’s some real melancholia to be found here too, such as on tracks like ‘Daddy’s Girl’, likely the saddest sounding song you’ve heard in a while, with hints of Ryan Adams to be found underneath the surface. For sure, Kallio’s guitar tuning plays a large part in the edgy tone, and it pays of particularly well on ‘Pain’, with a biting guitar sound that is roomy and intimate with all the sound of a private gig. ‘Close To The End’ sees J. P. Kallio’s voice getting all raspy and gritty, while the album comes to its end with ‘Soul’, a delicate and gentle track that has all the hallmarks of a lullaby.

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