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J Tizzle – The Chill Zone

The Chill Zone  is an EP that doesn’t rush things. Even the intro track takes its tine, using ocean waves to set a scene that move back to allow for cello notes and female vocals to draw into the mix.

FolderThere is a melancholy that can’t be avoided, and it sets the tone for the entire recording. As we move into ‘Transparent Odyssey’, there are glacial tones that ring out and spread the listener with glorious and luxuriant waves. ‘Stay’ is nothing like the Bernard Butler track by the same name, no, it’s dubby and enriched in synth draws that create a thick tone. ‘Cosmic Dream’ is more curious in its approach. Its melody, or hook, is cautious in the way it pushes itself, and yet at the same time it uses methods that are tried and tested. ‘Harmonic Passion’ couldn’t be better titled – it uses such ranges that it allows itself to be a sonic resonance of anything that those who enjoy sound and music will be able to engage with on some level. As we are brought to the concluding ‘Midnight Rapture”, there is a strangely visceral and neon aspect to the sounds that we are exposed to. It is gorgeous, futuristic, modern, and at the same time looking to the past, like any good new music should be.




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