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Jackpot, Tiger – Jackpot, Tiger


With bright, upbeat harmonies and jangly guitars, Jackpot, Tiger are back with their self-titled, sophomore album. No added sugar required.

Opening with ‘Caught In Love’ it doesn’t take long for the chorus to kick in, and once it does it threates to not leave your head for the rest of the year. Managing to sound like a combination of Grandaddy, Teenage Fanclub, Belle and Sebastian, and Weezer, it’s the summer pop tune you didn’t know you were looking for.

The slacker-rock of Jackpot, Tiger is a refreshing blend of well placed harmonies, driven guitars, and thoughtful arrangements. Sax on ‘Hey, Remora!’. You’d better believe it.

‘No Crying’ places the female vocal centre stage, creating a sound much like Vivian Girls, Best Coast, but more importantly the way in which the ensemble is used in the record is much like that way Broken Social Scene often works.

There are touches of Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus on ‘Alone With You’, which only serves to cement Jackpot, Tiger’s wealth of influences and similarities. And not just as imitators either, Jackpot, Tiger is filled with well crafted songs that sound, to my ears at least, like the kind of album I’ll want to have around for a good while from now.

Amongst the creative work on offer, three minute pop numbers such as ‘Easy’ will have you swaying along with a smile, while ‘Pistol Girl’ will have you finding it hard to resist joining in with the ‘woo woo’s.

The shorter moments and cutaways on the record are a lot of fun too, like the instrumental ‘Shortbread Cookie’, and ‘Cool Country’ with its She & Him/Zooey Deschanel style blues.

After all the more hectic fun, Jackpot, Tiger closes in a surprisingly sedate fashion, with a gorgeous synth underbelly and floats along as though being carried away on the clouds. It’s one of the most delightful closing tracks to an album I’ve heard in a long time.

Jackpot, Tiger are here and they’ve done it again with their second, self-titled album. Check it out for some happiness-inducing slacker pop.

Click here for the album on Bandcamp

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