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Jackson Caged – Entity


With crunching guitars harking back to Rage Against The Machine, brutal drums and aggressive vocals, Jackson Caged are here to rock you.

Sheffield based band Jackson Caged have a new album, ‘Entity’. It’s a captivating mix of old-school and new-school metal, which some interesting touches along the way.

Title track ‘Entity’ treats the arts to some suitable vocal screeches and pulverising drum chops, its crispness and clarity driving alone at a rate of knots; “You cannot fight against your fate / You cannot kill what you create.”

‘The Hole’ kicks off with a guitar tone that drips with RATM influence, with riffs coming at you from every direction. Crunchy and satisfying.

On ‘Stillborn’ there’s a chorus-covered wash of guitar, with a tinge of Nirvana, while the vocals are surprisingly clean and fragile compared with other JC tracks.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the delicate acoustic track, ‘Liam’s Song’. Stripped back to just guitar and vocals, theres a southern blues feel to the song with a wistful sense of longing.

Moving back to darker, more brutal territory, ‘In Hell’ pulls off a sound more akin to Alter Bridge, the vocals weaving themselves around the staccato guitars and creating a pillar of anthemic sound.

Jackson Caged are an exciting new band for the UK metal scene, and if that’s your thing you can do a lot worse than checking out their new album, ‘Entity’. Stick in on, turn it up, and rock out.

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