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Jacob Bryant – Through The Windshield

Title track and EP opener ‘Through The Windshield’ immediately steps out as strong and confident, infused with southern rock and country styles.

Jacob Bryant - Through The WindshieldThe bass is deep and the drums are heavy, with a resoundingly all American feel. ‘Holding On To Home’ uses some neat production elements to add character with vinyl crackle that creates a sense of warmth, as the track gradually builds towards its big chorus that rejoices in the thrill of country music and the place it has in the hearts of so many statesiders. Putting some slide guitar to good use, ‘Save My Soul’ turns things down a little with some introspection in a more downtempto style, with consideration for the way we all have to deal with our demons. The contrast between light and dark in the track’s lyrics is strong, inviting the listener into dialogue over deeper religious and philosophical ideas. Just when things couldn’t get more country, and drenched in Americana, along comes ‘Just Enough Jesus’, a strong piece of testimony to the power of faith in the face of addiction. Through The Windshield comes to a close with ‘Where Has The Time Gone’, wrapping things up with a familiar chord sequence and guitar riffs that feel affirming and comfortable. While Jacob Bryan’s music might not be challenging the current state of rock music, he writes a solid tune and presents it with confidence and professionalism.

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