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Jaewar – Funky Ting Dem

jaewar_8421r_3‘Funky Ting Dem’ is one of those tracks that lets you know what to expect from the title. This is a dynamic tongue-in-cheek groove that draws on a slightly reggae flavor, hip-hop and a few unusual other genres. If that’s what you expected, then you’ll soon find you’ve made it to the right place.

Amidst the typical 2-step rhythm and snapping guitar, there are hints of something else going on as well, even shades of classic rock to be found, and that’s not forgetting the element of hip-hop that pervades the track. This is the key – Jaewar’s tune brings together a reggae aesthetic and smashes it into a hip-hop sensibility that creates a dynamic fusion. Rather than sounding hackneyed or over-egged, the track has been carefully constructed in a way that continuously picks up momentum until the moment Jaewar emphatically, “bombs on your selfie!”. There are fun elements throughout to keep the listener interested, and chances are there will be that inclination to take it for another spin.

There’s a colourful video for this tune at the website for his band Vibe Riot ( www.viberiot.com )

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