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Jana Pochop – Throats Are Quarries


Jana Pochop’s latest EP, Throats Are Quarries is a creative, thoughtful piece of folk-pop. Her arresting voice an attention grabbing hooks make for some great listening.

Opening with ‘When Your Soul Leaves Your Body’, things are immediately metaphysical, painting a hopeful picture of life after death; “When your soul leaves your body then you’ll know where you stand / Alleluia, alleluia.” Musically, the shuffling drums and soaring strings create an upward draft of heavenly glory that is given feet of clay with the lo-fi sensibilities.

‘Throw You Forward’ continues in a similar vein, just as cute and just as hopeful, using a fairly standard chord sequence that is made special with some more interesting bass notes and twee arrangement, including horns that lead into an explosive piece of instrumentation that could easily give the stadium rock of Coldplay a run for its money.

Keeping things gently connected to that stadium rock sound, ‘Deepest Fear’ draws on a Mumford And Sons sound, incorporating banjos and folk-tastic drums. The tone never feels like it’s selling out though – there are traces of lo-fi slacker college rock embedded in here, particularly with Jana Pochop’s slight vocal kinship with Kim Deal, and not to mention the biblical references that the Pixies famously used to great effect.

‘Middle Of My Chest’ turns up the rock factor, with the guitars cranked higher and chugging powerfully, with Pochop’s voice confident and strong. By the time the chorus kicks in, the track has turned into a full on fist puncher, and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t heard of her before and how you got by without her music this far.

Closing the EP with ‘Adore You’, the concluding track is a sweet, shuffling song using skittering drumloops and gentle acoustic guitars that brings things to an end in a soft and understated manner, which makes a second spin all the more tantalising. Recommended.

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