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Jared Wesley – Vol. 3

Jared Wesley returns with the third instalment of hisĀ Reinvention Of The Cool mixtapes.

static1.squarespaceKicking off with a confident intro track, the flow is tight and there are some melodic surprises along the way with vocal samples that add an unusual texture and flavour to the music. ‘The Wind Blows’ starts off curious and ever so slightly eerie, before the beat kicks in and takes the listener along a wild ride. There’s a heaviness underneath it all, despite the tinny and glacial notes that flutter on the top of the track. ‘Existance/Living Hood’ employs some nostalgic tones, not unlike old seventies kids TV themes, while Jared Wesely’s rap cruises along with confidence and a narrative style. With true diversity, there are points on the record that draw on a variety of styles – the interlude track has the taste of early Linkin Park, while ‘Limbo (My Decision)’ strips things right back, giving the vocal the chance to step up front and centre stage. Holding on to the unsettling sound, ‘Hell (My Decision) / Heaven (Our Decision)’ keeps things dark and moody, the sound holding firm all the way through to the concluding track that wraps things up with strong beats and a tight flow.

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