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Jason Mark Yates – A Piece Of Me


Displaying influences from Rod Stewart and James Blunt, Jason Mark Yates brings us A Piece Of Me – a soft rock acoustic album with americana and latin touches.

‘Reachin Out’ opens the album with an unassuming air, drum machine beating away softly in the background and an acoustic guitar gently strumming. Jason Mark Yates has a touch of Brian Adams to his vocal at points, with dashes of grit here and there. It’s a wide, thoughtful track with a lot of room and paints a wide vista.

‘The Answer Is You’ features a consistent arpeggio on acoustic guitar, and some nice production touches, with vocal repeats that fade into the background, while ‘Curse The Moon’ has more of a world-music feel to it with a latin-tinged percussion part.

‘Deviant’ has a darker tone to it, with Pink Floyd psychedelic influences. The synth pad moans in the background, while the warbling wah-wah guitar part adds texture and tone.

‘Shifting Sands’ has a laid-back lounge feel, with female harmonies that compliment Yates’ voice very well, while ‘So Into You’ draws again on latin influences, with vocals from co-writer Darcy Jeavons that carry an intriguing sound that is in part affected by a touch of pitch-correction that creates a distinctive sound.

‘Breaking Silence’ sets the stage for a wide scope with a lengthy guitar intro, before Jason Mark Yates’ vocals eventually come into play. There’s an epic sense to the track, as it shifts up tonally with hopeful lyrics and bright guitarwork.

Closing with ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, Jason Mark Yates tells his story though music and lyrics, with his signature guitar playing standing tall alongside his distinctive vocal style.


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