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Jay Elle – Rising Tide

Opening with it’s title track, ‘Rising Tide’ sets Jay Elle’s latest EP to a strong start.  A song that uses several surprising chord changes, it doesn’t take the listener for granted or patronise, but instead offers some unusual moments that keep things interesting right from the EP’s opening moments. Moving straight into ‘Twelve On Sunday’ things step back a little, with the acoustic guitar ringing out and accompanying Jay Elle’s vocal in a complementary fashion. There’s a sense of intimacy to the track, as though it could be being played to you right there in your own home as a private performance. ‘You Got Away’ has something of a throwback vibe to it, with its chorus-laden guitars that throw up all kinds of memories of the nineties – all flannel shirts and reflective shades. Jay Elle’s vocal bristles with his own distinctive style, unafraid to display a little emotion in the delivery. This takes us on to the EP’s penultimate track, the rocking ‘All Through The Night’, a track full of swagger and bravado and something of a nod towards 80s hair metal and a touch of Bon Jovi. Rising Tide comes to its conclusion with ‘Way Down The Road’, a track laced with rocking guitars that perfectly sum up the overall sound that Jay Elle has constructed across these five tracks. This is certainly going to tick some boxes for anyone who gets nostalgic over classic rock and is looking for some new tunes.

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