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Jay Soul – Stay With Me

Jay Soul’s acoustic version of ‘Stay With Me’ opens as delicately as you could possibly ask for, and as soon as his voice enters the picture it becomes clear that this is going to be three minutes of unadulterated pure smooth soul.

cover2Jay Soul’s voice is of the type that oh so slightly sounds as if the singer is teetering on the edge of breaking into tears at any moment, but not in that affected, hipster way. Far from it, here the vocals ooze emotion and authenticity. By the song’s closing bars, as “Stay with me” is sung with such desire, pain, and raw passion, it’s forgiveable to feel just a little exhausted from all the intensity. But this is all positive intensity – it’s not like those times when you’re cringing, waiting for the track to finish because it’s making your ears bleed. No, Jay Soul’s smooth crooning is sheer balm to the ears, and connects all the dots together in terms of song writing, performance, production, and vision. There’s something about the way that the performance is so restrained, and yet so packed full, that once the track comes to the end of its sub three minute run time, that you’re left wanting more, and surely that is the sign of a skilled artist.

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