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Jennifer Hope – Bring Me To Life

Many will still be aware of the original Evanescence track ‘Bring Me To Life’ that was popularised in 2003 after being featured on the Daredevil soundtrack. At the time it was an edgy, zeitgiesty tune that brought the current emo and goth rock into the forefront, paving the way for the runaway success of other bands such as My Chemical Romance.

Jennifer Hope’s cover of the track is a fascinating reworking of the original. While in many ways it doesn’t veer too far away from the aesthetic of the original, it manages to serve as an ideal device for showcasing Hope’s formidable vocals. Musically where things differ is the leaning towards more ambient, chorus laden tones, creating a more ethereal tone that from the start has the potential to bring a shiver to the spine.

While ‘Bring Me To Life’ has provided an excellent opportunity for us to catch a glimpse of what Jennifer Hope is capable of, and in many ways leads in to the question: what next? At Crossradar, we are certainly looking forward to hearing her powerful voice on some original tunes.

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