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Jiggley Jones – A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light

Opening with ‘Walk On Me, Jiggley Jones’ tone is rich and packed full of an authentic country rock vibe.

Jiggley JonesThe organ swirls in the background while the vocals reach out emotionally, drawing the listener in like a siren while the powerful piano notes ring out. ‘Look What I Found’ offers a more reflective tone, the steel strings of the guitar shining vibrantly in the mix, while ‘Hope In A Bottle’ makes full use of an uplifting piano sound to create a backdrop for the soaring and swaying vocal, with its religious allusions and deep sense of thoughtfulness. ‘Nothing So Natural’ turns up the soft rock dial, with a steady groove that has every potential to put a little joy in any human heart. The vocals and layered with some sweet harmonies, while the slide guitar adds some textural embellishment to the track. ‘Early Morning Light’ is perfectly titled, creative exactly the kind of sound that creates the feeling of a cool start to a summer morning as the sunlight begins to creep in through the curtains, signalling the start of a new day, while ‘Modern Day’ is a strong and confident piece of country laced rock. Jiggley Jones’ A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light is an engaging collection of original songs, with some neat vocal and instrumental touches to be found along the way.

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