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Jodymac – Gravitated Love

Jodymac’s latest track ‘Gravitated Love’ is something of a curveball when it comes to the kind of R&B schtick we’re all used to hearing left right and centre. From the opening piano notes that shudder and linger in the air, the whole tone of the track is tinged with yearning and sadness from the start. This is all before the lead vocal has even stepped into the frame, setting the scene and creating a weight and gravitas in preparation for Jodymac’s emotional and evocative delivery. From his first opening lines, his voice perfectly matches the melancholic tone of the piano that runs throughout. It’s one of those deeply sad songs that conjures up all kinds of memories – of lost love, of unrequited love, and the unrelenting pain of loneliness and the longing that lies within every human heart. As the track begins to draw to its conclusion, the rolling delay on Jodymac’s vocal adds an extra dimension of desperation with his words echoing and ringing far and wide into the darkness. Where so often the genre Gravitated Love would fall under is often filled with bravado and showmanship, here we have the refreshing evidence that sometimes less really is more.

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