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Joe Con – I Choose You

A whole lot of variety all held together with Joe Con’s own style here on new EP I Choose You.

joe-con-i-choose-youI Choose You opens with the bouncy and upbeat ‘Nothing Without You’. It’s a track that features a cheeky guitar noodle, some quick flashes of jazz chords, and some rap flourishes, and sets Joe Con’s EP off to a flying start. ‘Dream’ makes more use of a driving acoustic guitar that leans in more of a Soundgarden/Lenny Kravitz direction. That’s not to say it’s without any personal touch, far from it, the track is packed full of character. As I Choose You progresses onwards, ‘Said And Done’ is presented as a more by-the-book ballad, and one which features glorious harmonica that adds a folky feel alongside the snappy guitars. ‘Breaking My Heart’ swings towards a more brooding rock feel, with R.E.M. style guitars and a vocal melody that leaves the listener holding on for every note. Title track ‘I Choose You’ is perhaps the biggest surprise here, sounding like a cousin of Blondie’s classic ‘Tide Is High’ (infamously covered by Brit chicks Atomic Kitten). It’s a lot of fun and stands out as something special, with its parping brass and chilled out reggae guitar rhythm. The EP reaches its conclusion with ‘Matter Of Time’, a calm and laid back closing track that starts off sounding something like ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’ and develops into the perfect relaxed end to a varied and engaging collection of songs.

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