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Joe Welch & Junior Kain – Freakin’ House Addicted

From start to finish, Joe Welch & Junior Kain’s ‘Freakin’ House Addicted’ is a thumping, pumping dance floor filler that grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck and refuses to let go until it has decided for itself when it’s over. What makes the track stand out in particular is the way in which it uses a variety of different elements to keep things interesting throughout. Rather than just banging ahead with one single mantra that is so prevalent in trance music, ‘Freakin’ House Addicted’ throws in some spoken samples that add texture and dynamic to the song, stirring up the track’s theme and punctuating it to create a sense of movement and energy. It’s fair to say that it’s the kind of track that is going to get house fans in a tizzy, while the chances are it would most likely leave all the indie kids cold, but why should that matter? What is on offer here is a celebration of the dance genre, with throwbacks to classic soul and R&B tropes, particularly in the snappy, twanging guitars and parping brass samples. Next time you are getting ready to go out and throw some shapes on the dance floor, try putting this on your playlist and it will definitely get you in the mood.

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