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JoeHero & Nina – Voice To Follow


JoeHero & Nina create a fusion of classic reggae, dancehall, with Euro pop influences.

Opening track, ‘Chanting’, bursts in with a cracking snare and typical reggae rhythm. The quirky piano keeps the pace with a 2-step feel, while JoeHero’s vocals add a solid cohesion to the track.

‘You Still Got Me’ showcases Nina’s vocals, with her fragile but confident tones: “Even if we lost everything / Maybe that’s the way it was meant to be / If we found every fight / But still nothing seems right.” The chorus has a strong, catchy melody which is a bit of an earworm.

Single ‘World Of Doubt’ opens with more of a world music feel, and yet the influences of German-born Nina add a touch of Euro-pop to the track.

Title track ‘Voice To Follow’ is a cute track, starting off as classic dancehall before launching into a double-time chorus. Its cheeky and bouncy, with the doubled vocals bobbing along to the track, “Oh oh oh oh, oh-oh”.

‘Give Me Your Love’ is a sweet love song that paints a picture of romance on a distant island. It’s relaxed and easy going, with laid pack percussion and a gentle guitar part. The male/female vocals respond to each other back and forth throughout the track to create a convincing dialogue, complementing each other well on the chorus.

JoeHero & Nina have created some great new tracks on ‘Voice To Follow’.

Go ahead and check them out.

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