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John Neal Rock and Roll – John Neal Rock and Roll

‘Mexico City’ opens with an evocative mix of atmospheric sounds before launching fully into the track, which bristles and splutters with old school blues rock confidence.

John Neal Rock and RollThe guitars are layered in such a way that they cross over each other as if playing in a relay, passing on the baton as the next section of the riff launches out on to its next stretch. There are also hints of British rock to be found in the mix, particularly in terms of tone that evokes the big sounds of Oasis and the Stones. ‘Alright!’ is a perky number that makes use of swirling background sounds while the lead vocal yelps over the opening verse, before the chorus kicks in with its distinctive distortion and twanging notes, while ‘I Didn’t Know’ pulls things back a little to make room for a more chilled out, subtly smoky ballad. ‘I Love You’ manages to not sound as sentimental as its title might suggest, instead opting for some lonely sounding reverb laden guitar that explodes into a hectic White Stripes style chorus that is over almost as soon as it has started. Turning up the ‘fun dial’, ‘I Love Southern Girls’ is brazen and confident, all scuffed at the edges like a well worn leather jacket – an aesthetic that runs throughout all of John Neal Rock and Roll’s distinctively styled tunes.

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