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Joseph Pagano – Graveyard Of Dreams

Joseph Pagano’s latest EP is a country tinged set of imaginative songs to get you in the mood for the summer while we make our way through these winter months.

artworks-000103905035-iqnwvd-t500x500“Don’t Let Chances Pass You By” starts things off with a gloriously laid back feel. It’s summery in its vibe, with a washed out wah-wah guitar and echo laden drums. Before we know what’s happening, we’re headlong into the chorus which explodes with a rich C86 style that is all kinds of lo fi indie rock fun. There are hints of the Smashing Pumpkins to be found here, with a bit of an americana flavour to wash things down with. “Katrina” draws on a strong country feel, with its wailing guitar intro and its characteristic bass line that leads the song forwards with confidence, while the EP’s title track is one big slice of woozy country rock. Its at this point where the lo fi touches lean in some ways towards Wilco, Pavement, and Sebadoh, which can never be a bad thing. “Little Girls” is more stripped back, with a delicate acoustic guitar taking the lead, and an enjoyable (if not slightly twee) ode to Pagano’s daughters. There’s a nice surprise on the middle eight where some rich strings come into play, and there is even a fun sample of the girls themselves having a chat. “Candles, Hope & Faith” strips things back in a different way, with a simple distorted guitar that provides the instrumental backdrop for Pagano’s vocal, while “To The Rescue” makes use of a phased tone that has a richness and depth to it that makes the track really stand out. Closing with “The Sounds Of Life” Graveyard Of Dreams comes to its conclusion with an evocative piano led instrumental that seems to be a fitting end to this engaging collection of songs.

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