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Jour Majesty – Three Winks

With the sound of americana running deep in its DNA, Three Winks from Jour Majesty delivers with its country tinged folk sounds.

0003551432_10Opening track ‘Angel’ has all sorts of hints and flavours to it, with fragments of Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle, and touches of Wilco along the way. The americana vibe infuses the track deeply, with its gentle balance of guitars and brass, with some nice electronic touches in the background. It’s immediately hummable, and a great entry point for the EP. Moving on to ‘Photograph’, Michael Perry’s vocals feel that bit more affected just as much as they sound effected in terms of the distinct blend of auto tune into the mix that makes for a richness and depth in the lower harmonies. Things turn a little more toe tapping on ‘Dancing Shoes’, with a gorgeous country shuffle and an accordion that is packed full of character and warmth. While the track itself feels somewhat forgettable, it’s totally engaging for its three minute duration. Three Winks comes to a close with the wistful tones of ‘Idaho’, which at points sees Perry’s vocal leaning towards a Randy Newman kind of vibe. It’s somewhat downtempo but keeps itself boyant, never slipping into a sense of sadness or melancholy. Rather, there’s a sense of hope and expectation for the things that lie ahead.

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