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Judgemetal – Quenelle

Glorious dirt and mess. Is that what you’re looking for? Because if so, Judgemetal delivers that in droves. From those initial wet industrial flashes of gristly electric shards, it’s clear right away that there’s something dark and sloshily hectic going on. This ain’t your hyper refined math metal, no way, this is unhinged and dramatic stuff that comes at you from every angle. The riffs cut through with a skeletal framework like the unrelenting scaffolding of a defiant zombie, ever lurching forward and threatening at every turn to pull you to the ground and consume you. And yet, look a little further and you’ll find some amazing moments of proggy psych swirls going on underneath that create a mysterious underbelly to the angular flashes that spark and bluster over the top of ‘Quenelle’. Vocally, it’s at times restrained, at others utterly visceral and unhinged – think ‘Ace Of Spades’ run through the wringer and reformed with a total disregard to any rules you might choose to throw at it. It totally defies classification in many ways, shifting from very traditional metal to more bonkers psych rock. While that might be somewhat divisive to some, it’s sure to attract the attention of many, and they will be fortunate enough to have stumbled across something quite other.

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