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Julian Kelly – Fish of Plenty

When trying to communicate effectively, it’s often best to say something as concisely as possible. Why use a lot of words and cause confusion, when a few will do to get your point across? This can often be the case with music – many times keeping things simple is the best approach to ensure you achieve the most powerful effect.

That is very much the case with the song in point right here. While there might not be any big fireworks, the power and energy lies very much within it, and as a result the listener will find themselves curiously rattled despite things being so calm and sedate.

From her new album Alive, Julian Kelly’s ‘Fish Of Plenty’ is the perfect introduction to her soulful vocals. At first, there are glimpses of Desiree’s ‘Kissing You’ and moments of influence from Mariah Carey, while the whole time her voice succeeds in standing out with its own unique sound. Minimalistic, stripped back with long notes played out on a Rhodesy piano, ‘Fish Of Plenty’ is so utterly relaxed and laid back that it’s the kind of song that keeps the listener on the hook (pun intended) rather than led into a sleepy haze.


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