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Jumpship Astronaut – Humans

Kicking off with ‘Alive’, Jumpship Astronaut’s latest EP Humans is a beats packed piece of indie dance beauty.

avatars-000124875206-020o7q-t200x200From its opening bars, there’s a joy to be found there that positively explodes once the chorus hits, with its phenomenal celebration of being human, being alive, and presumably being on the dance floor. As the EP progresses on to ‘Change’, it’s clear that hyped up pop is what we are being faced with. The synths warble and squeal, the guitars shimmer and sparkle, and the beats threaten to burrow themselves deep into your psyche. Once again it’s on the chorus where things really start to come into their own, with the indie ‘woah woahs’ and uplifting chord progression that will get many hearts racing. ‘Too Much Thought’ draws on the songwriting style of the Killers, and features a glacial synth line that swells into the chorus, while ‘Jeane’ harnesses a whole host of influences, from the 80s synth pop of Haircut 100 through to the disco throbs of Air and Phoenix. The cymbals ring out with clarity and texture, while the bass throbs add a chunky foundation that works well up against the trebly jangles that sit on top of the mix. ‘Fascination’ spirals round the listener’s head with its hyped up rhythm and deep drum fills that whip things up into a state of euphoria, while closing track ‘Our Best Days’ strips things back to show the bare bones of a confident pop track, gradually unfolding with a rave synth that gently creeps into the mix, almost catching the listener unawares. Fans of indie synth pop won’t be disappointed with that Jumpship Astronaut have on offer here – Humans is one worth checking out.

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