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Junichi Arima – 23 Summit Ave/In Your Ear

Less pop, and more in the vein of experimental,┬áJunichi Arima’s ’23 Summit Ave’ mashes together sounds that ordinarily wouldn’t be expected to work together.

1With its jolly, almost trip-hop beats and swaying bassline, Arima shows his unique ability to use a cut and paste technique to bring together a wide range of elements and form an intriguing soundscape that reveals more with each repeated listen. This is the kind of music that works well as a gateway to the more challenging alternative music out there, such as the work of Boris, Burning Star Core, or even the wonky avant-garde of Henry Cow.

And so, it’s on ‘In Your Ear’ that things become that little bit more aggressive, with its fizzing, electrical introduction that gives way to a frenetic unloading of jazz freestylings, noise bursts, static hums, and brittle beats. Eventually the repeated, delay treated vocal sample goes around and around, threatening to cause some kind of damage, while finally collapsing in on itself which acts as a kind of diffuser to the track’s potential of explosion at any second. It’s quite something to have so much packed in to two short minutes, but make no mistake, this is some serious stuff if your ears can handle it.

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