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Justin Dearborn – Play With Fire (Feat. Gregg James)

If it’s up to the minute pop you’re after, packed with all the classic sounds that make a track catchy and listenable, then ‘Play With Fire’ just might be the tune for you.

1406925340_11Opening with an entrancing synth throb, the music unfolds to reveal a softly acoustic guitar blended into the up front drums. The vocals start off with a lilting tone, the kind of young male tone that so easily makes the girls swoon, before we are led without warning into a confident rap. It creates a really interesting progression for the song, which becomes even more diverse when the chorus explodes with its painterly auto tune, softening out the melody and allowing the music to fire off in all directions. One aspect of the song that makes it so accessible is the chord sequence, that bears the likeness of many successful pop songs of the past, and this foundation means that the listener may very easily find themselves humming along, possibly even with their own counter melody. I certainly did. Once ‘Play With Fire’ reaches the end of its run that comes in at a little over three minutes (the mark of a great pop song) the melody hangs in the air, daring the listener to consider “what next?”

This is the kind of pop that does its job so well – always leaving the listener thirsty for more.

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