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Karen Marrolli – Twilight Songs

Based in Santa Fe, Karen Marrolli’s Twilight Songs EP is touched with elements of americana and Irish folk.

Karen MarrolliOpening with ‘Rain’ there are flashes of Kate Rusby to be found, especially when the violin enters the picture, providing a delicate balance against Marrolli’s voice which is equal parts serious determination and unique expression. ‘Stay’ keeps things going in the same direction, with its slow tempo that gradually makes its way along with no rush or hurry, allowing the chance to pay attention to what is going on and how Karen chooses to use her voice expressively. ‘Sanctuary’ employs a piano well and puts it to good use, creating a melancholic vibe in the vein of Coldplay’s slower songs. The music comes together well, with a perfect blend of piano, strings, guitar and vocals. Twilight Songs draws to a close with ‘I Know The Angels’, featuring some entrancing double vocals which intertwine over yearning cello notes that create a deep foundation for the vocals to stand upon strongly. These four songs perfectly showcase Karen Marrolli’s vocal style and the direction she’s headed in with her songwriting, which shows all the signs of building towards real strength and the opportunity for gaining some significant attention.

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