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KAVA – Transmissions

Opening with ‘Elevation Repair’, KAVA’s sound is immediately reminiscent of those building layers from The Field, with added bite and psych stylings.

KAVA transmissionsGlitchy and schitzophenic, KAVA’s music balances a real creativity with intelligent construction. There’s a mathematical feel to the way in which the music is arranged, in the way that seems as though it could be randomly generated just as much as it could be meticulously designed to the millisecond. ‘OverRoad’ features some epic droning swirls, leading into a fat squealing guitar part that wriggles and vibrates, creating a beautiful tension in the sonic landscape, while ‘Happenstance’ is considerably more sedate in its approach. The sounds bleep and flutter, causing a fascinating combination of analogue warmth with electronic tones. The rich warmth continues on ‘Razorwire To Nowhere’, with its evolving synth that dances and sways back and forth, drawing the listener in before pulling away again, while ‘Book Of Faces’ is more brooding in its approach, allowing a lonely guitar to wander wistfully on top of the deep bass foundation. ‘Blinking Sun’ borrows from the distinctive sounds of Aphex Twin and Thom Yorke, with its crackling, scratchy beat and detuned electronic notes, and shifting into a warbling synth line that has shades of sitar to it. Transmissions is an inventive and creative collection of intelligent dance tunes with a psych rock flavour to them.

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