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Kazuki James – The Start Of Something / Mountains

Kazuki James’ latest tracks are atmospheric and inspiring for the imagination, filled with swirling tones and majestic soundscapes.

889211025640.170x170-75With two new tracks now available, this is the kind of music that many might describe as cinematic. For sure, they would be well suited for use as background music for videos, and indeed they already have been made use of in works available on YouTube.

‘The Start Of Something’ opens gently, with a calm piano underpinned with some delicate bass notes. As the bass begins to plod along, there is a sense that things are building, working towards something greater and grander. Certainly, as the drums kick in, there is a feeling of structure coming together, a kind of audio framework being put together like sonic scaffolding. Almost with stealth, the synths weave their way into the mix, adding a glacial layer to the track, before some powerful overdriven guitars burst in. They are led by strong and insistent strings, and it’s at the mid point of the track where things really come together confidently and with the impression that although everything has been introduced, the only way from here is up, up, and up again. And that’s where, perhaps surprisingly, we find ourselves left hanging in the air as the music draws back so suddenly. It’s something like going up in a lift to the top of a building, stepping out onto the rooftop to look out across the incredible view on offer, only for the entire building to mysteriously disappear from under your feet, leaving you hanging, suspended in mid air for a few moments. It’s at this point you realise that you have gone so high, you have left the earth’s gravitational pull, and you are left to simply float in space with the echo of ‘The Start Of Something’ ringing in your ears and calling you to return back to earth.

‘Mountains’ follows a similar pattern, but opens with a more moody aesthetic. Starting off with a gritty sawtooth synth, and flickering shards of tone that swirl around your head like electrical fireflies, there’s almost a sense of dread to be found. As the beat moves in to the track’s mix, it does so in a way that doesn’t take up too much room but leads the song in an unassuming way. The music’s progression is enjoyably different, heading in melodic directions that are unexpected and make the track intriguing to listen to.  ‘Mountains’ tips over its halfway point, the lead synth begins to sing out its melody, like a robotic bird singing out to call its flock in a way that soars and bends as if in response to the movement of the clouds in the sky. Distant bells add texture to the song, as they ring out their lonely tones in a melancholic way. If there’s any criticism to be made, it’s that at just over four minutes long, the track feels a little short.

These tracks from Kazuki James will be a welcome addition to the library of any fan of modern instrumental electronic music.

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