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Kenny Fame – Hail Mary

Kenny Fame is back with ‘Hail Mary’, and he’s returning to his old tricks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 13.36.30Kenny Fame’s unique style is here in spades on this latest release. Packed full of funk, soul, and a real leaning to classic R&B sounds, this is Fame’s sound through and through. With a funk bass that throbs, pumps, and slaps through the track with relentless abandon, it is all the more emphasises by the thudding percussive beats. What makes Kenny Fame so irresistible is his commitment to releasing music that he really wants to be making. There is never the sense that he has sold out or tried to do something in a certain way because that will get him more attention. Rather, he makes his music and lets it speak for itself. As a result, ‘Hail Mary’ (an ‘unreleased movie score’) is yet again a clear representation of the kind of music he totally intends to be making, and that means that he is continuing to build up a solid catalogue and repertoire of songs that fans new and old will be able to continue to dig into and enjoy. ‘Hail Mary’ seems to look back to and reference an older track ‘Rejoyce’, and it’s clear that he has a certain style and method both in the songwriting and production. Pop music for pop music makers.

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