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Kenny Fame – Rejoyce

kenny fame rejoyce

Opening with a somewhat wonky vocal, it’s not immediately apparent where ‘Rejoice’ is heading. Truth is, it goes here there and everywhere.

The first section couples a thin guitar with a massive fat bass part, building towards a steady rhythm and eventually introducing more guitars that layer and create more of a rock anthem feel, with a touch of the Dandy Warhols to it.

As a trip-hop, funk track, there’s certainly a lot going on here, and it stands up to repeated listens. It’s a classic three minute pop song, where everything explodes in the last minute, with pumping bass, glittering synths, and screeching guitar wails, before a final concluding drum thump that could easily be an amen break cut short.

Check out Rejoyce by Kenny Fame, it’s interesting and varied and brings together a whole host of styles and genres into one three minute track.

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