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Kenny Fame – Soul Of A Man (Volume 1)

Kenny Fame’s latest release shows all the signs of an artist that is developing and maturing in his sound.

Soul0‘Broken Valentine’ blends rich, modern tones with a classic reggae feel, all working to emphasis the darkness found in the song’s lyrics; “One by one, valentines break”. There is a lighter sense of hope to be found on “On The Subway”, which paints the picture of the lonely soul taking the long ride home. There are interesting juxtapositions in the way that the inner city ideas are mixed in with a wistful, folky sound, which creates the sense of reaching for things that bring comfort in times when life gets crazy around us all.

This new material from Kenny Fame is a departure from his previous work, moving away from the hyper electronic sounds of the past and more towards a folk tinged singer songwriter style. ‘She’s A Runner’ shows this sound off particularly well, with its laid back acoustic tones and stripped back to let the vocal take the driver’s seat. ‘We Came To Play’ is the one moment when we find ourselves back in a more disco frame of mind, with the track running in the same format as something like ‘Get Lucky’, with its rolling bass and snappy guitar. Soulful, with a hint of funk, this is Kenny Fame’s next step towards greatness.

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