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Kev Scott – The Loved Ones

From the opening moments of Kev Scott’s The Loved Ones, there is a striking sense that something special is about to unfold. Kicking off with the title track itself, Scott’s music immediately sets itself out as being tastefully alternative, with an underlying element of Americana holding it all together. The claimed influences of films like “Django Unchained” are justifiable – it’s the kind of song that would not sound out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack. Taking the quirkiness of the Shins and Grandaddy, and blending it with traditional aspects of classic blues, it feels like the kind of alt. rock indie fun we have all been holding on for – and for quite some time. ‘They Get A Feelin’ maintains the same aesthetic that the album started off with, this time leaning slightly closer to those bluesy, country influences. The song really soars on the chorus, channelling the sounds of Teenage Fanclub and Neil Young, creating a huge, feel-good vibe which is emphasised by the gleeful woah-woahs that harmonise in the background. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with a record like this, packed full of catchy riffs and delightful melodies. In many ways, Kev Scott has produced an album that harks back somewhat to the music of the relatively unknown Additional Moog. The music works because of the way it has been made as a response to the kind of material that is close to Kev Scott’s heart – in many ways The Loved Ones is really a love letter to music itself. ‘This Twisted Love’ steps up to the bar and pushes things a little harder, with spluttering guitars and great old school riffs, while ‘Good Old Harry’ blends together every element needed to create the smokiest spaghetti western tune possible. With its evocative Rhodes notes, swirling organ and fluttering tremolo laced guitar, its an irresistible tune that brings up all kinds of memories from times kicking back listening to early Calexico. Certainly, by the time the album reaches its mid point, it manages to hold the attention. Where so often a record can get into a slump and begin to rely on filler, Kev Scott’s tunes just keep on coming hard and fast. ‘Carried My Baby’ is a thrilling, upbeat banger of the kind that would always bring a smile to your face whenever it happens to turn up when you have pressed “shuffle”. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any low-key mid tempo numbers – ‘White Feathers’ falls firmly into that category, acting as a soothing moment, a kind of sonic pit stop for a time of reflection. With a consistency of sound from start to finish, The Loved Ones is a real treat for the ears, and any fans of Teenage Fanclub, Calexico, or any kind of country tinged alt. rock will not only be not disappointed, but the chances are they will get a pretty good thrill out of this.