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Kid In The Cloud – Tales From A Lonely Town

Characterful and with its own distinct style, Kid In The Cloud’s debut concept mini EP is ambitious but ultimately the risks it takes pay off.

Kid In The Cloud - Tales From A Lonely TownOpening with ‘Daddy’s Cortina’, Kid In The Cloud’s sound immediately comes across as influenced by acts like Just Jack and Bastille, with highly affected vocals that shift between a comedy Mexican / Mockney accent. As a result, the track actually manages to be effective in attracting attention from start to finish, an impressive feat for a relatively stripped back track featuring simply a vocal and an acoustic guitar. ‘Tommy the HOLY’ continues with a similarly restrained feel, throwing some strings into the mix that add a richness and texture to the track’s lilting waltz. ‘Face Of An Angel’ features a greater sense of intensity, with the vocal at times leaning towards the distinct stylings of Athlete’s Joel Pott, while ‘Lonely Town’ is packed full of melancholy as the album’s character Teddy Boy muses on the implications of being stuck living in a dead end town where there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on. As the track progresses, there is a surprise burst of energy and celebration as joy and laughter spills over in an unprecedented way. As the EP comes to a close, its final minimal track ‘LT Whistle’ does what it says on the tin, and perfectly paints the picture of someone happily making their way home having made their peace with the situation they have found themselves in.

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